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The Compliance Requirement:

Public companies are required to disclose key financial information in regular filings made to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Investors and financial professionals rely on this information to evaluate potential investment opportunities in these companies.

Consolidating the necessary information and putting it into the required format is a complex process for companies of any size.

The Solution:

ADGO provides a niche Financial Technology Solution that standardizes and streamlines these efforts, enabling companies to save valuable time and money and  avoid late filings.

One service module of the Equity Management System addresses ASC 480 – Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity.  It generates a Convertible Note Disclosure Report that contains the supporting information needed for producing the required quarterly and annual filings regarding a company’s convertible note transactions.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Provide your Company Information (stock symbol, etc.)
2. Enter key information about the Note
3. Submit for Review and Analysis

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Compare the results with how you’re currently doing it and prove to yourself how you can save valuable time and money!

A Valuable Service for Organizations

The Convertible Note Disclosure Report can be used by
Reporting Companies, Lenders, Accounting Specialists & Auditors

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Reliable Calculations

Generate all required calculations with the push of a button. Our services automatically pull required trade data and eliminate human errors.

Save Time & Money

No long turn-around times. Meet your quarterly and annual SEC filing deadlines in a timely and cost effective manner.

Consolidated Reporting

Share consolidated note information and findings with your accountants, auditors and legal advisers.

Online Storage

Your information is securely stored online so that you can access/update it quarterly – saving you even more time and money.

Powerful Software. Reliable Results.

Empowering Business Innovation

Advantego develops enterprise software solutions that empower business innovation by increasing a company’s operational efficiencies, enhancing marketing efforts and reducing ongoing costs.

The Convertible Debt Disclosure Report, offered under our ADGO brand of Financial Services, helps firms address their reporting requirements in a timely fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the basis for using the Convertible Note Disclosure Report?2018-11-01T11:04:17-07:00

The Convertible Note Disclosure Report is designed to calculate and deliver the information needed in the reporting of the financial instruments that fall under ASC 480 Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity of the FASB Accounting Standards Codification, (more specifically, 480-10-25-14) in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Please refer to the Available Entry Fields FAQ to help you determine if your notes fall under this classification.


A financial instrument that embodies an unconditional obligation, or a financial instrument other than an outstanding share that embodies a conditional obligation, that the issuer must or may settle by issuing a variable number of its equity shares shall be classified as a liability (or an asset in some circumstances) if, at inception, the monetary value of the obligation is based solely or predominantly on any one of the following:

  1. A fixed monetary amount known at inception (for example, a payable settleable with a variable number of the issuer’s equity shares)
  2. Variations in something other than the fair value of the issuer’s equity shares (for example, a financial instrument indexed to the Standard and Poor’s S&P 500 Index and settleable with a variable number of the issuer’s equity shares)
  3. Variations inversely related to changes in the fair value of the issuer’s equity shares (for example, a written put option that could be net share settled).
2. What information is needed for a Convertible Note Disclosure Report?2018-11-01T11:05:28-07:00

The following information is needed for the Convertible Note Disclosure Report. (Required fields are denoted with an asterisk*)



• Company Name*
• Month of Fiscal Year End*
• Stock Ticker Symbol*
• Total Authorized Shares*
• Stock Par Value*



• Loan Amount*
• Interest/Coupon Rate*
• Issue Date*
• Funding Date*
• Maturity Date*
• Commissions
• Legal Fees
• Transaction Fees
• Issue Discount*
• Conversion Rate Discount*
• Months to First Conversion*
• Look Back Days*
• Average of x Lowest Days*


3. What calculations are contained in the Convertible Note Disclosure Report?2018-11-01T11:06:16-07:00

The Convertible Note Disclosure Report contains the following calculations based on the information submitted:
• Total Debt Premium
• Total Debt Discount
• Net Note Balance
• Proceeds at Close
• Net Proceeds
• Put Price
• Price on Issue Date
• Conversion Rate After Discount
• Number of Shares if Converted
• Number of Shares Allocated to Principal
• Number of Shares Allocated to Premium
• Principal Booked to Common Stock
• Principal Booked to Paid in Capital Dollars
• Note Premium Booked to Common Stock
• Note Premium Booked to Paid in Capital

The Initial Amortization Schedule includes:
• Outstanding %
• Interest Expense
• Interest Accrued
• Debt Discount
• Debt Premium
• Principal Balance
• Note Balance

The Journal Entries & Footnotes include:
• Cash (Net Proceeds)
• Note Payable (Loan Amount)
• Debt Discount
• Debt Premium
• Additional Paid in Capital

The Report also includes:
• Corresponding Footnote Text for Filings

Enter. Submit. Receive.

The information you need to submit for your quarterly and annual filings, right at your fingertips!